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Zeitgeist - the movie.

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Zeitgeist is an important audio-visual document, intelligent and well crafted... the music soundtrack is excellent. All should see it, Americans and everyone.
But in spite of the exactitude of astrology, the argument presented in Part 1: The Greatest Story Ever Told, which attempts to mythologize the Avatar and even theism itself in order to show how myths are made, for all its persuasive reasoning is the fruit of fundamental ignorance of the sucession in perpetuity of a spiritual heirarchy. It is a mistake, too, for it will hinder universal acceptance of a significant work. Justifiable rage over existing political and religious conditions is commendable, but to repudiate the statements of the wise is sheer arrogance. And just as it is folly to deny experience beyond the scope of individual experience, it is madness to reject anything beyond the breadth of personal understanding: in the 1950's, in the far outback of Australia, there were still aborigines who had had no contact with their white invaders. Just because these people had no knowledge or experience of Sydney, does it follow that the city didn't exist? And to say that they were ignorant only confirms one's own ignorance. The fact is, while a synonym exists between organized religion and theism, theism is not "a particular system of faith and worship." Organized religion could be said to be the shadow of theism and crutch necessary for its mass support. Certitude born of experience needs no such staff. Organized religion has been politicized as a consequence of human nature.
It may come as a surprise to the creators of Zeitgeist that they have something very much in common with organized religion: both reject the existence of a continuous spiritual hierarchy in human form on Earth not connected to any organization. There is an important distinction between them, however: one endeavours to mythologize as false the periodic appearance of the spiritual hierarchy's head, the Avatar or God-man, whose sign is the sun (a fact proven by the very astrological argument presented) while the other clings to dogmatic even murderously fanatic acceptance and promotion of a single advent. In this respect it should also be noted that events cited in Genesis (for example) synonymous with events from pre Christian texts such as The Epic of Gilgamesh, may not be plagiarism, as suggested, but simply separate accounts of recurring events.

Throughout Zeitgeist there is a call to "wake up." This is very interesting in light of the parallel between the succession of the spiritual hierarchy and astrology, an exact science entrusted to humanity by them in antiquity as a tool to explain the unseen world and predict future events such as their very succession: according to Sufi Pir-o-Murshid, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Egyptian astrologers predicted the day and place of Moses' conception and instructed Pharaoh to issue an order separating and detaining all Jewish men and women there on that day. The divine joke of it is, Moses' father was not bound by this decree due to his office as personal assistant to Pharaoh. His abode was Pharaoh's threshold, literally. Well, in the dead of night while all the household slept, his wife, filled with passion for her husband's embrace, managed to slip past her inexplicably unconscious guards and into her husband's arms, and Moses was conceived... on Pharaoh's doorstep! Anyway, according to astrology, we are in transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, which heralds the rebirth of the Sun King or Solar Messiah to usher in the new Age. As explained, due to the parallel between the two, this means that the head of the spiritual hierarchy will incarnate, the Personification of love, the eternal Beloved, one calling himself The Awakener. This omnipotent and omnipresent Awakener, after shedding the self-imposed limitation of the human form will ultimately awaken, according to individual receptivity, within, giving a general spiritual push to Creation and raising the consciousness of humanity from a reasoning to an intuitive level, ushering in The New Humanity, the Age of Aquarius... a new world order based not on separatism but cooperative love born of the understanding and experience of the unity of all life.
So the call to "wake up" is not entirely incorrect except to say that it is not we who awaken but the Awakener within, thus waking us to an understanding of our true, infinite, divine nature. We can assist this awakening, personally, through calling on The Awakener to awake.

If you don't believe Zeitgeist, that's fine. If you do, even if you only believe its proven facts, if you are angry and scared your rage and fear is justified. Or perhaps you are merely bewildered at the idea of an Illuminati and a New World Order. But whether you believe or not, whether you are angry and confused or not, whether you are bewildered or not, the indubitable fact remains, something is happening... this much you should acknowledge. It's self-evident. If you will not accept this much, how will you ever embrace the reality of an ILLUMINATI behind the Illuminati, a spiritual hierarchy controlling, from within, the affairs of men and the natural world.
Puppets remain inanimate unless and until someone pulls their strings: in the invisible-stringed, ultimate Creation-sport puppetry of the spiritual hierarchy, the puppets feel that they are acting of their own free will while the puppeteers wield divine Will, the will guiding all. The Illuminati are puppets. They are not directly to blame for the state of things. So who is to blame? No one.
But if you feel the need to place blame, blame corrupted reason. In the scheme of the evolution of consciousness from stone to man, reason places humanity above animal instinct. Its development through aeons produced wonders of art and science in its Golden Age, yet it has also, through its entanglement with residual animal forces of lust, greed and anger, brought us to the appalling, avarice-driven dilemma we face today, namely the end of the world as we know it. Historically, we are at the junction of two cycles of time, of reason and intuition. When reason is ultimately replaced by intuition it will be destroyed in the main, along with its scaffolding. Intuition is an entirely different order of understanding to reason. It will bring about a stupendous spiritual change for the better in the way humanity generally views the phenomenal world and its relation to infinity.

The remastered version begins with an introductory talk by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.[1]
This is a mistake, I think. Frankly, I prefer the the original version.

Note: Avatar Krishna's birth-date is calculated at approximately 3228 BC and not 900 BC as cited in the commentary.

©November 2007, Richard Lockwood.

The Awakener: (free 6.8mb .pdf download)
The Spiritual Hierarchy: God Speaks, p260, part2, free .pdf download)

"I intend bringing about a great spiritual revival in the near future,
utilizing the tremendous amount of energy possessed by America for the purpose."
From a printed Message[1] given by Meher Baba to New York reporters
on board S. S. Bremen, May 19th, 1932

Zeitgeist Addendum - 2008

Hijacking Catastrophe


Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve
The Money Machine - Ruling the world
The Money Masters

The Century of the Self

Download from www.archive.org Part 1 of 4 - Part 2 of 4 - Part 3 of 4 - Part 4 of 4
The Century of the Self dedicated site[1]

"In India we don't think who we are, we know who we are." The subject of self brings to mind this great line from "The Party", delivered by Peter Sellers' Indian character in response to a Hollywood big-shot's arrogant "Who do you think you are?" Of course few Indians know who they are... in truth. Who does? But there are those in India, just a hand-full, that do... who know the falsehood of self through their experience of Self.
But the West, especially the West and the 20th Century West in particular, shaped by Freudian-based psychology that promotes identification with self, irresponsible science that encourages complacency and has waged war upon Nature and false doctrine fostered by the Church... after it had altered and deleted original texts to suit its purposes of control... that denies individual realization of Self as the goal of life, has increasingly taken self to be reality. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
The evolution of form-identifying self was (and is) driven by the development of consciousness[1] which began in the beginning-less beginning when the whim "Who-am-I?" surged within the soundly sleeping infinite divine vacuum of Self causing It to wake up. Instantaneously It realized It's unified triple nature of infinite power, knowledge and bliss, and in the same instant began a most-opposite dreaming that oozed from a finite point in Its infinity. And so a least-most impression of self other than Self was created within It, one that identified with least-most sub-gaseous form. The evolving Creation, "The Illusion that sustains Reality" (Dedication - God Speaks)[2] [2a), is no more than an innumerable number of false answers to Self's original question "Who-am-I?"
The evolution of consciousness culminates in the human form. This is like having traversed an Escher staircase... what seems to go up seems to go down... because the downside of full consciousness is the trillions of mental impressions of self It has accumulated along the billion year way that must be shed for Its ultimate emancipation.
Having evolved from almost zero to full and identified with the human form, at this point consciousness begins an apparently endless circle-game of reincarnation till finally It begins a process of involution. These two conditions of consciousness, that could be called reincarnation-the-disillusioner and involution-the-unburdener, can be seen as preparation for the correct answer. Eventually consciousness is brought to the very threshold of Truth. Then, when Its time is up, by Self's grace It attains the correct answer, "I-am-Self", through annihilation of the last vestiges of self-identifying impressions stored in the finite mind. This is the moment in the infinity of now that is the destiny of all... finite consciousness transmutes into infinite consciousness, finite happiness into infinite bliss: the drop merges with and becomes the ocean. There is no better analogy for God-realization than this.
It is this ignorant, finite self that is the true subject of "The Century of the Self." For the documentary shows how during the past one hundred years a manipulative con of unprecedented proportions has been perpetrated by corporate individuals to promote consumerism and thus exploit, first Americans, then the rest of the world using psychological marketing strategies based on Freud's knowledge of self.
Yet all that happened during the 20th century and is happening still had to happen and will go on happening till it fulfills its ultimate purpose. It is a sign that the Avatar is abroad bringing a fresh dispensation of Truth[3]. Humanity is so ensconced in the shadows of self, the only way it can be coaxed into the light is through destruction of the vast structures, physical and mental, it has built to shield itself from the difficulty of Truth, which is selfless love (the highest ideal of religion, incidentally)[4].
It is clearly evident that Self is now asserting Itself, and after this assertion reaches its zenith, those who have survived... three quarters of humanity will be wiped out[5]... the collapse of the self-driven global economy and subsequent ruin and dilapidation of societies and cities and the world as we know it will rub the sleep of ignorance from their eyes[6] and know that the self they nurtured and took to be real was unreal in Truth. And they will stand in the dawn of a New Humanity[7], a true brotherhood of man free of the shackles of irresponsible science, self-psychology and organized religion, and inherit a New Life[8] (to live if they so wish). This is not the wrath of God but an act of infinite love to bring humanity to true understanding and experience of the aim and goal of life... to love and unite with Self.

Right adjustment to self is its denial through restraint for love of Self.

©December 2007, Richard Lockwood.

The Corporation
The Corporation website

This au fait, multi-award winning film is the perfect accompaniment to "The Century of the Self". Optimistically, it may turn some corporate individuals from their heedless paths of wilful destruction, even cure them of their psychopathy. But the film is not for them. It's for us, consumers... end-users in corporate jargon ("They have reduced us to numbers/We are victims of poisoned-apple slumbers."). But considering our truly appalling track-record, whether it will help us to become less self-driven consumers, just as heedless as corporate individuals are, is doubtful.
I do not think "The Corporation" is a voice in the wilderness, however... yet it is. For there is no wilderness more profound than rampant greed and self-interest born of ignorance of life's purpose.[1]

Brothers, sisters, consumers all, arise! The power to stop corporate individuals is entirely in our hands. All we need do is demand environmentally-friendly products and services, whatever, and they and their political servants will bend over backwards to deliver... or go broke (or fail to be elected). We must make those demands, however.
But alas, for humanity to snap-out of its present stultifying stupor it will have to be driven deeper into chaos until its disquiet and discomfort are complete... then light will come. "The Corporation" should help to foster discontent. It is meant to.

©January 2008, Richard Lockwood

Jean Ziegler, UN special rapporteur on the Right to Food
(a segment from the documentary, We Feed The World)

Silvio Gesell
The Natural Economic Order PDF


Oil, Smoke and Mirrors (don't miss it!)

Crude Impact - Trailer
Crude Impact Website - Watch or Downlod

The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream
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Free Energy

A Tribute to Fritz Schumacher


About E. F. Schumacher

"Ernst Friedrich Schumacher was born in Germany in 1911. A Rhodes scholar at Oxford in the 1930's, he fled back to England before the Second World War to avoid living under Nazism. Although he was interned as an enemy alien during the War, his extraordinary abilities were recognized, and he was able to help the British government with its economic and financial mobilization.

After the War, Schumacher worked as an economic advisor to the British Control Commission charged with rebuilding the German economy. From 1950 to 1970 he was Chief Economic Advisor to the British Coal Board, one of the world's largest organizations, with 800,000 employees. His farsighted planning (he predicted the rise of OPEC and the problems of nuclear power) aided Britain in its economic recovery.

In 1955 Schumacher traveled to Burma as an economic consultant. While there, he developed the principles of what he called 'Buddhist economics', based on the belief that good work was essential for proper human development and that 'production from local resources for local needs is the most rational way of economic life.' He also gained insights that led him to become a pioneer of what is now called appropriate technology: earth- and user-friendly technology matched to the scale of community life.

Schumacher subsequently became a featured writer - along with Leopold Kohr, John Papworth, Danilo Dolci, Paul Goodman, John Seymour, and Satish Kumar - in the British Journal Resurgence. His best-selling book, Small Is Beautiful (1973), was republished by Hartley & Marks in 1999. His two other books are Good Work and A Guide for the Perplexed."


"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent.
It takes a touch of genius... and a lot of courage... to move in the opposite direction."
- Fritz Schumacher

Small is Beautiful: devour it - mad if you don't

On the Edge of the Forest

"Filmed in a virgin forest in Western Australia shortly before his death, economist E.F. Schumacher makes a powerful plea for common sense and good planetary behavior. Walking through the forest of giant jarrah and karri trees, he reminds us of the efficiency of the perfectly balanced forest ecosystem. We should marvel at it, and learn from it about long-term survival in our biosphere... not 'clear-cut' it in the name of economics, and progress.

Talking straight to the audience, he is clearly concerned that his message be understood by as many people as possible. If we go on satisfying our wants and needs with such tremendous violence on the front line with nature, then, Schumacher says, we can classify ourselves with the endangered species. For all life depends on the thin mantle of topsoil." - Bullfrog Films

Schumacher Society

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