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Safety is not in numbers but at the Master's feet - Francis Brabazon

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Mehera-Meher: A Divine Romance
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Mandali Hall Talks (The Beloved's mandali speak) [1]

Meher Baba Online

God Speaks
Life at Its Best
Listen, Humanity
Sparks of the Truth
The Awakener Magazine
The Everything and the Nothing
Beams From the Spiritual Panorama

The Wayfarers
A truly unique book: a one of a kind mast-read
for anyone interested in intoxication.
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Lord Meher
This is the one and only, free (the word we love) and excellent
online version of the twenty volume biography of Avatar Meher
Baba's life, Meher Prabhu, by Bhau Kalchuri. Translated into
English from the original Hindi by Feram Workingboxwala in
collaboration with the author, the online version includes all
6,742 pages and is superior to the book insofar as all errata
therein is here corrected. Links to all notes are inclusive.
Moreover, while it already contains some of the photographs
published in the printed volumes, as an ongoing work it is
being updated to eventually include them all.

Mastery In Servitude
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Love Personified
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Rest Beloved mp3

Poem - Francis Brabazon, from The East-West Gathering.
Musical setting by Richard Lockwood
from the 'Tully' album, 'Loving Is Hard' circa 1971.

Rest, Beloved, where flowers are sleeping...
my breast kept for yourself alone.
Rest, give your pain into my keeping,
give me one short night as my own.

There is no sound of the world's weeping
amidst the lilies of my breast
whose fragrant fressness I've been keeping
against the time of your sweet rest.

The fasnning of the ocean-breezes
disturbs with love his ringlets now:
my soul from prison. heart releases
to dream upon his lovely brow.

Even the night gazes in wonder
with all its eyes upon his face.
Sleep till the time, Love, of the thunder
of your great Word's bestowing Grace.

Tully II plays Lord Baba

Beyond Words
An excerpt from Louis van Gasteren's 1967 footage of Avatar Meher Baba,
Eruch Jessawala interpreting Baba's unique hand gestures.

Avatar Meher Baba: Highlights of His Life, Work and Message - Part One

Avatar Meher Baba: Highlights of His Life, Work and Message - Part Two

Avatar Meher Baba: Highlights of His Life, Work and Message - Part Three

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